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Bravas en Women’s Cup, Ia Orana, Noticia at J70, the leaders.

Updated: May 27, 2023

The ORC DOUBLE HANDED fleet managed to deal with the calm conditions in front of Palamós and complete the 100-mile coastal race. The Bravas achieved a double victory, prevailing over the entire J70 fleet and leading the Women's Cup. The Noticia, second across the finish line, was the first in the J70 monotypes.

The wind's drop prevented the ORC boats from finishing the race.

The conditions for the ORC DOUBLE HANDED fleet in their first coastal race from Barcelona to Palamós and back to Barcelona, which started yesterday at 3:00 PM, were slightly better than forecasted. The annoying rain during a race of such long duration fortunately stopped two hours after leaving Barcelona towards Palamós. The wind, although weak, did not calm down dramatically overnight as predicted, and with some good miles sailed directly with the coastal winds, sometimes using the spinnaker, they were able to cover distance more easily. However, at the La Llosa buoy, in front of the entrance to the port of Palamós, the race pace was slow but without the feared complete halt in the fleet.

The first boat to cross the finish line was Duende (RCN Barcelona) skippered by Inés Rodríguez, completing the race in just over 18 hours. Due to its larger size, Duende had to give time to smaller boats, and after the time correction, it placed fifth in the ranking. The winner was Ia Orana (CN Vilanova) skippered by Jordi Zaragoza, who finished ahead of Smerit (CV Blanes) skippered by Tito Moure with a margin of 26 minutes. The third place went to Shaka (RCN Barcelona), finishing 32 minutes behind the winner.

The ORC DOUBLE HANDED fleet is scheduled to have their second coastal race tomorrow, Saturday, with a start at 12:00 PM. The exact course for the race is yet to be decided.

Girls Power

the J 70s and the Women's Cup competed together, sailing with identical boats. The light Levante wind (105º) with an intensity of around 8 knots allowed the race to start on time and complete the upwind-downwind course as the wind faded, preventing a second start under suitable conditions.

The Bravas (RCM Santander) skippered by Eva González emerged victorious against the entire fleet. There was also a strong performance from the Dorsia Coviran, Skippered by the double Olympic medalist Natalia Via Dufresne, who finished fifth overall and second in the Women's Cup category. Completing the podium in this first day was the Balearia (RCN Palma) skippered by Nuria Bover, who crossed the finish line in eighth place among the combined fleet.

In the J 70 category, the first winner was the Noticia (RCN Barcelona) skippered by Luis Martín Cabiedes. The second position went to the Bodegas Can Marlés (CN Vilanova) Skippered by Alejandro Pérez, narrowly ahead of the canarian Marina Alcaidesa led by Gustavo Martínez Doreste.

No wind no race

After staggered starts for the first race of the ORC groups, the wind drastically dropped. The Race Committee decided to stop the race shortly after completing their respective upwind legs. After a prudent wait and with no cooperation from the wind, the fleet was sent back to the harbor.

Like the ORC DOUBLE HANDED, the two categories of J70 and the ORC will take to the Barcelona racecourse tomorrow to start the first race of the day at 12:00 hours.

The village will receive the visit of the America's Cup Trophy tomorrow Saturday. As it usually does on these occasions, the silver trophy will be displayed tomorrow and on Sunday for the public, always guarded with the usual security measures for such events.














The 50th Trofeo de Vela Conde de Godó is organized by the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona in collaboration with the Real Federación Española de Vela and the Federació Catalana de Vela. It has the support of La Vanguardia, Mapfre, Ajuntament de Barcelona, and the Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as the collaboration of Gramona, Estrella Damm, Royal Bliss, Dos Déus, Veri, Isdin, and De Antonio Yachts.

The 50th Trofeo de Vela Conde de Godó is part of the Mediterranean Sailing Circuit, along with the PalmaVela Regatta organized by the RCN de Palma and the Trofeo SM La Reina organized by the RCN de Valencia.

In addition, the 50th Trofeo de Vela Conde de Godó, together with the Regata Interclubs held on April 20 and 30, serves as a qualifier for the Spanish Cruising Championship (ORC) which will take place from October 5 to 8.


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