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ORC DOUBLE HANDED are sailing towards Palamós

The ORC, J70, and Women's Cup participants are making their final preparations as they set sail towards Palamós. The Real Club Náutico de Barcelona is bustling with activity as the ORC DOUBLE HANDED category held their skippers' meeting, and the other fleets are putting the finishing touches on their arrangements before to start tomorrow at 2:30 PM.

The forecast of bad weather at Tarragona, with an alert to the night and early morning, has changed the initial plans of the Organizing Committee for the first coastal race of the ORC DOUBLE HANDED category. To avoid potential risks, a route towards the northeast coast has been chosen. Route number 4, which departed from Barcelona in search of La Llosa de Palamós and then return to Barcelona, with an approximate length of 100 nautical miles.

Amidst rain and a timid 7-knot wind, the race started at 1 PM with a short upwind leg heading towards 105 degrees. After rounding the buoy to port, the fleet began beating towards the upwind mark located in front of the entrance to the port of Palamós. At the rounding mark, the first leader of the fleet in real-time was Duende skippered by Inés Rodríguez, who capitalized on a strong start and made the most of the larger dimensions of their IMS 50 yacht.

If the weather forecasts are accurate, the wind will be weak with shifts and possible calm periods throughout tonight and early morning, putting the skill and talent of the 23 boats to the test as they are manned by only two people. It appears that the outcome will be uncertain, promising numerous position changes within the fleet. The unstable and light wind conditions are expected to provide tactical opportunities for the sailors, including the possibility of overnight lulls.

Among the smaller-sized boats, the presence of two Figaro 2 vessels stands out: Shaka skippered by Iván Olivé alongside Toni Pozo, and Inteman helmed by Daniel Martín with Didac, a double finisher in the solo round-the-world race Vendée Globe.

ORC- Remarkable sailors

The 10 participants in the ORC Group 0-1, comprising larger and high-performance boats, feature a lineup of illustrious sailors and some teams with identical boats, setting the stage for an intense competition. Pablo Garriga's Swan 50 Tenaz will face a tough challenge from the German boat Olymp, skippered by Mark Benzer, with double Olympic medalist Jochen Schümman on an identical Swan 50.

With four feet less in length, three DK 46 boats will engage in an interesting duel. The HM Hospitales-Hydra brings together Olympic champions Fernando León and Ballester from Atlanta '96, along with Kiko Sánchez Luna, also an Olympic gold medalist from Barcelona '92, and the noteworthy presence of ocean sailor Guillermo Altadill. They will directly compete against the KAJSA III Soler Cabot-Vischer led by Luis Martínez Doreste and the Urbania helmed by Tomás Gasset with Iñaki Castañer on tactics.

Also, keep an eye on the pair of Swan 45 boats, Rats On Fire skippered by Rafael Carbonell and Brujo helmed by Alberto de Castro, who will seize every opportunity to outperform their larger competitors.

In ORC 2, Plump Christian's Elena Nova, Carles Rodríguez's L'Immens in ORC 3, and Jordi Tusell's Odysseus in ORC 4-5 are among the favorites in their respective categories.

J70 y Women’s Cup, Real-time fight

Among the 12 J70, a fierce competition is expected, with the Alcaidesa Marina skippered by Germán Eduardo Panei and helmed by Gustavo Martínez Doreste standing out as potential contenders.

The outcome of the Women's Cup appears to be more uncertain, as the all-female crews do not always maintain the same composition and mostly have limited experience with the J70, the boat assigned by the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona. Among the five teams, the Balearia skippered by Marina Bover and the Dorsia Covirán with double Olympic medalist Natalia Via Dufresne have higher chances of claiming victory.

At the conclusion of the day's sporting events, the village specially designed for the 50th edition will host special activities. At 8:30 PM, there will be a tasting of paellas and fideuás for the crews, followed by a special performance by the musical group The Tutsies.

El 50 Trofeo de vela Conde de Godó está organizado por el Real Club Náutico de Barcelona, en colaboración con La Real Federación Española de Vela y la Federació Catalana de Vela, y cuenta con el apoyo de La Vanguardia, Mapfre, el Ajuntament de Barcelona y la Generalitat de Catalunya, así como la colaboración de Gramona, Estrella Damm, Royal Bliss, Dos Déus, Veri, Isdin y De Antonio Yachts.

El 50 Trofeo de vela Conde de Godó es puntuable para Circuito Mediterráneo de Vela, junto con la Regata PalmaVela organizada por el RCN de Palma y el Trofeo SM La Reina organizado por el RCN de Valencia.

El 50 Trofeo de vela Conde de Godó, junto a la Regata Interclubs disputada el 20 y 30 abril, es clasificatoria para el Campeonato de España de Cruceros ORC que se celebrará del 5 al 8 de octubre.


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